Stocking up on craft supplies for a rainy school holidays

As the school holidays approach many parents are looking for ideas on how to keep their children occupied over a rainy school holiday break without taking out a second mortgage. Here are some useful craft supplies to stock up on, to keep the kids amused for as long as possible. 

Knitting needles

If your children have not learned to knit yet, this could be a great time to teach them. Head into the craft store and pick up some thick knitting needles so that they can get started on some winter projects such as a chunky woollen scarf. This can be a relatively simple project as the kids can knit is as long as they wanted.  They'll be very proud of their handiwork and may even take better care of it than a store-bought scarf. In order to save more money, as good quality wool can be expensive, head to the thrift store and find an old jumper that you can unravel. This can be a good way to make use of a garment in the wrong size, or with some more holes. 

Quilting scissors 

If your children have some clothing that they have grown out of but don't want to give up, you can try making some quilting squares out of the old clothing. This can be a good way to keep a memory of some favourite outfits that are beyond repair. You can work together to create an overall design for the quilt including square sizes then the children can work on cutting squares and hemming each square. You may need to help them with the final sewing, as well on advice on ideal square sizes. You can make a lovely warm quilt to use this winter. 

Scrapbooking supplies

If you have a child who likes to hold onto many mementos such as tickets to events they have been to, it can be great to introduce them to scrapbooking. Not only does this mean that they'll keep their prized possession safe and be able to easily find their favourite memories, it can also help them to edit down their mementos. This can be very useful to get the house a bit tidier by being able to throw out some clutter. 

Spending a little bit of money on crafting supplies at the start of the school holidays can help the kids to get started on some great projects that will teach them cool crafting skills and create some end products they can be really proud of. Crafting together will stop you needing to head for expensive activities and be a fun way to spend time with your children.