3 Occasions When a Custom Picture Frame Is Best

If you want to hang some art on the walls of your home, you may be looking for the perfect picture frame. While many people purchase mass-produced picture frames, there may be occasions when it is best to opt for custom-made picture frames. The article explores some of the occasions when it may be better to choose a custom-made picture frame

The artwork is an unusual shape or size

One of the drawbacks of mass-produced picture frames is that they are only available in a range of standard sizes. However, if you wish to frame a piece of artwork that is oversized or cut to be into a usual shape for artistic effect, you may struggle to find a mass-produced frame that fits. If this is the case, you will need to have a custom frame made.

You desire a special kind of wood

Another drawback of standard frames that are made for the mass-market is that they are typically produced using a very limited number of woods. This is fine if you are happy with having your art surrounded by balsa wood or pine. However, if you have spent a great deal of money on a piece of art and you want it to look its best, you may want to choose a special kind of wood such as walnut, oak or maple. A workshop that can handmake frames will be able to use the exact kind of wood you are looking for.

You want to personalise your frame

If you will be using a frame to house an important photograph such as one taken at your wedding, you may wish to personalise the frame. Mass-produced frames are completely anonymous and won't reflect anything about you or your life. A workshop will allow you to customise the frame is a number of different ways. You could add your name and the name of your partner to the edge of the frame, or you could choose to have the frame embellished or carved with decorations that reflect your life together and the things that interest you.

If you're interested in finding out more about this subject or if you would like to have a go at making your own picture frame, you should get in touch with a workshop that offers craft sessions to members of the public today. A member of the team will be happy to help.

Contact a custom picture framing service to order a frame.