Essential Supplies to Look for in a Candle-Making Kit

Making candles at home can be a fun activity, whether you are doing it with the kids or just yourself. Besides offering an opportunity to learn a new craft, candle making is also therapeutic since it can delight your inner art and psyche. The best part is that candle-making is not rocket science, meaning the average hobbyist can easily pull it off. Typically, most hobbyists start by buying candle-making supplies as individual items. While there is nothing wrong with that, it is advisable to start with candle-making kits. The kits comprise the essential supplies you need to get started in candle making. Notably, there are various candle-making kits in the market, and choosing a suitable one can be confusing. This article highlights the essential supplies to look for in a candle-making kit.

Extra Wicks 

You cannot make a candle without a wick since it is the part that burns to produce light. Notably, different types of candle-making kits include various wicks, and the one you settle for is a matter of preference. For instance, some kits include wooden wicks, while others offer cotton wicks. Of course, candle-making kits with wooden wicks are pricier. Generally, most kits match the number of wicks with the number of jars supplied. For instance, a kit with four candle jars has four wicks, and one with eight containers includes eight wicks. While such a kit might help you get started, you could get stuck if you accidentally destroy one or two wicks. Thus, selecting candle-making kits offering extra wicks is highly advisable. It allows you to make candles even if a few wicks get damaged.

Assorted Fragrances 

In the past, candle-making kits did not include fragrances. However, things have changed today since fragrances are included in candle-making kits. Some kits provide a single fragrance, and while it might be your favourite scent, it is advisable to spend money on a kit offering an assortment of fragrances. It allows you to mix and match the different fragrances to create a unique scent.

Stirring Sticks 

It is arguably one of the most ignored candle-making supplies by newbie hobbyists. Most people forget that they need to stir molten wax when adding fragrances and dye. Indeed, you can use a spoon or a cooking stick to stir dye or fragrance in molten wax, but cleaning it afterwards would be a big problem. Unfortunately, some candle-making kits do not provide a stirring stick. Therefore, always buy a kit that includes one or two stirring sticks that you can reuse in subsequent candle-making exercises.